10 Great Gift Ideas for Single Women on Valentines Day
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10 Great Gift Ideas for Single Women on Valentines Day

Dont feel depressed if you are Single on the Valentines Day rather enjoy every moment of your single life while you can. You can pamper yourself by buying gifts for yourself on this day. Given are ten great Gift Ideas for Single women.

You don’t have a Guy with whom you can spend the Valentines Day and you are feeling bad. Being a Single Women can some times be very depressing. However, there is nothing to feel depressed about the situation because this is the best time to celebrate your single status. Once you get into a relationship you are going to be tied up with a lot of responsibilities and priorities you have to keep and like most women you may even regret then that you did not enjoy yourself while you could. So enjoy every moment of your life while you can. You can buy gifts for yourself and take my word you are going to feel good that you did. Here are some great gift ideas to make you feel special on a Valentines Day or any other day.

1. So you want some cuddling? Buy yourself a boyfriend pillow. These pillows are available at online stores like Amazon.

2. So you want to pamper yourself? Go ahead a shop for some silk lingerie. You are going to love it.

3. Don’t we all like Jewelry? It does not have to be a Valentine Day or Birthday one thing we can gift our self is jewelry. Invest on gold, diamond or birthstone jewelry and nothing can be better show offs than them.

4. So you don’t have a guy in your life? Go ahead a buy yourself a Vibrator and you would be happy you did. It is a better option than sleeping around.

5. As women we all like fragrances. But if it is fragrances like Miss Dior by Christian Dior, Blonde by Versace, Black Cashmere by Donna Karan, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel or Romance by Ralph Lauren it can make a women incredibly feminine and sexy.

6. We all need to relax. Go treat yourself with a massage at your favorite spa and you are going to feel great.

7. A good Beauty treatment can’t hurt any women and can give a boost to your ego instead. Get yourself a facial, haircut or any thing else you want to do. Or get yourself a makeover, you know you deserve it!

8. Like to travel? Go for a sightseeing trip. Who knows maybe you would meet your Valentine for next year on the trip.

9. Love food? Treat yourself with your favorite food at your favorite Restaurant.

10. Are you a fitness freak? Or are you out of shape? It is time to invest on some fitness equipments or gym membership.

So Single Women, what are you going to gift yourself this Valentines Day?

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Comments (5)

I like the idea of travelling. You've cited alot of wonderful ideas here :)

Ruta Fox

Buy yourself the first and only diamond ring created for single women, The Ah Ring...which stands for A, available and h, happy!!!

You wear it on your pinkie, and tons of celebrities have it, too.


Very interesting. Voted up


Great article. Night in with the girls with the 'Girls Night In Conversation Table Topics.' You can get them on Gifts.com or Red Envelope.com (I think)!